“Mark Jeffries’ kid, Phil. He’s… he was the captain of the football team…”

>>Um. Okay. Ignore his weirdly casual attitude for now and fill him in. You all have a job to do.

It’s not surprising that he’s more casual about it than you are. After all, this kid didn’t go to school with his son. As far as you know, Namir and Phil weren’t close, far from it, but it’s still a blow just to know some poor kid your son’s age….

You force the thought down, and answer Jack.

Marten: “Geez. Poor kid. Nasty way to go, too. Looks like someone jammed a branch down his throat or something. Did you see that bite, or whatever it was on his arm?”

You try not to swoon at the thought, you’re a police officer damn it.

Hazred: “Y-yeah. There was a lot of blood in the mud…”

You can’t really keep your nervous habit from slipping out.

>> Input Command