>> Grab your gear (because of course you have gear) and get going.

You grab your backpack which has all your important gear in it. You have a disposable camera, miniature tape recorder, notebook and pencils, flash light, box cutter, clip board and orange reflective vest. Everything practical to carry that you might need.

>> And a deerstalker. You can’t be an amateur sleuth without a deerstalker cap.

No. Absolutely no. No way. Not in a million years. That kind of hackneyed, ridiculous cliched garbage is exactly the kind of bad goof your partner would be into. In fact you’re pretty sure you recall last time Conrad tried to bring his deerstalker— or as he called it— ‘detective hat’ out while you were together you hit him in the face with it. Holmes didn’t even wear one in the books, except in one illustration.

Besides, you’re more of a Sam Spade than a Sherlock Holmes, obviously.

Anyway, it’s time to get going.

Earlier, at the crime scene—-

Your name is Mido Hazred. You’re an officer in the Red Oak Police Department. You and your new partner officer Marten were the first on the scene of what appears to be an esspecially grisly murder. You have just finished alerting the station to the situation. They’ll be sending a couple detectives out, but knowing them it’ll probably be a little while before they get there.

You’re a little concerned about Marten, it being his first day after being transferred and all. He may be from the big city, but so were you, once, and murder is no joke for any folk.

Also, you think he might be going a little overboard with that police line tape…

>> Input command