>> Ford the river at low tide. There’s only a small percent chance that your wagon will flop over and everyone will drown, getting an embarrassing game over

What? What the fuck even was that thought? Ford the? Oh for fuck’s sake, okay, executive decision over executive function apparently. Let’s try that again.

>> Old bridge! Bonus points for spookiness!

Right. The old bridge. Its closer, its cooler. You might slip on some slime and shoot off the bridge into the river. Fun times.

You and Conrad hop on your bikes and head down the streets to the edge of town. You know you shouldn’t be excited for a murder, but you are. It’s the most interesting thing that’s happened in Red Oak in a long time.

Red Oak…. the small town is almost entirely encircled by a thick forest of oak and alder trees. While the bulk of the town– the school, most of the shops and restaurants, hospital, whatever, sits on one river bank, the historic district sits on the other side of the river. Over on that side is mostly the expensive old mansions with the wild forest behind them. You’ve also heard there’s a sick nightclub somewhere over there, but given that you’re in high school you’ve never been there.

You wonder who might have died. One of the big mansion owners? Somebody from out of town on the interstate?

Only one way to find out…

You coast over the slippery wood of the big rusty old bridge over the river, the water sparkling beneath you as Conrad pedals to keep up.

In the distance across the bridge you can see red and blue lights.

>> Input Command