“Wallace and Wallace. Here to inspect the body.”


“Hey, Mido, this is not what I was expecting when you said Detective Wallace was on his way.”

>> Come on, you are semi-official detectives here. Bike up and greet the officers politely.

Direct approach is definitely the best approach. You wave to Conrad and the both of you roll up to the cops and hop off your bikes. Officer Hazred you recognize– Namir’s dad. But who the hell is the pasty new guy with the douche smile?

Hazred: “Uh, well, this is Detective Wallace’s son and his-”

You cut officer Hazred off.

Charlie: partner. No relation. Here’s our card. What can you tell us about the scene?”

You had officer McPasty one of your nicely printed cards.

Marten: Huh. Nice font. Alright, Wallace, I’m Officer Jack Marten.

Conrad: Yo.

>> Input Command