“See any clues, detective?”

>>ignore the weirdo new guy and gather what clues you can.

Yeah… well, you’ll ignore him being weird for now, but you’re sure as hell not going to ignore him when he holds the caution tape up for you and leads you to the body.

It’s a stark and gruesome sight, made worse by the fact that you instantly recognize the victim. Not like he was a friend or anything, but, well, looks like the football team is going to need a new captain.

You push down your disgust and examine the scene, even before the officer snidely asks your opinion. At least you think he’s being snide. It’s hard to tell.

Prints in the mud. Looks like cervine and canine. Strange tracks to find together without the gnawed body of a deer around. Speaking of which the body does seem to have a bite mark. Hard to tell if its human or canine without a closer look. Blood seems mainly to be on the torso and arm. No visible tears in his clothing.

And of course there’s the big nasty branch sticking out of his mouth.

Charlie: “Sure. There’s no blood around his mouth.”

>> Input Command