“Oh, hey– Maryanne, right?”

“That’s detective Summerrain to you, Marten.”

>> Weirdo cop has been cool so far, see if he’ll distract so you guys can slip away.

Summerrain: And I think you’d better get that hearing aid checked, because I asked you a fucking question.”

You’re in luck, you’re not sure Conrad’s dad’s partner has ever missed a day in her life to get into a huge argument. She’s always been even shorter, and angrier than you are.
Maybe there’s a correlation?

Marten: “Huh? What was that, Maryanne? Sorry, I didn’t quite catch it.”

Weirdo newbie seems determined to make a pest of himself too, so that’s useful. Now’s definitely your chance to slip away, but which direction? To get back to Conrad you’ll have to go directly past Maryanne– and Connie’s probably dealing with his dad now, too…

>> Input Command